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If you live in Illinois, it’s essential to have a local insurance agent on your side. At Koetting Insurance and Resource Agency, we’ll get you the best policy to protect what matters most to you — servicing all of Illinois.

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A Few Words From Our Happy Clients…

Do you realize that year we paid less for our insurance than we did the first year we switched to your office? And our first year with you - Mike helped us cut our cost in HALF of what we were paying before we started working with you.

I have never regretted it - and you guys are the best broker office I have ever known... hands down! Glad that we have you! ;)

Thank you & have a great rest of the week.

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for all the years of great service. All it took was a phone call and you all were on top of things.
-Mike & Brenda

Thank you for being so understanding with my family business. You're definitely a very kind and thoughtful person.
Thanks Again!

Here is a check. Apply it to my down payment and the IFTA bond. I will get another check out by the end of the week and get the balance paid in full quickly.

I realize this is business but you, Mike, and Barb have always went out of your way to help me every time I ever needed something. I just want you to know that I sincerely do appreciate it!!

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