Say I DO to Event and Wedding Coverage

Lightening strikes your reception tent. The bounce house company no-shows your charity event. Your photographer is rear-ended driving home from the wedding and the camera is ruined. An unforeseen pandemic […]

How Homeowners Insurance Protects your Assets

Although no one likes paying insurance, most people see the value of having it. Homeowners insurance is valuable because it covers your home and your things when there is damage. […]

Protect Your Home Against Spring Flooding

To prepare your home for spring stores and flooding, it is critical to know the risks, create a preparedness plan and fix your home’s flaws. Flooding is the most common […]

Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump Pump Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid If you have never installed a sump pump, do not risk doing it yourself. Improper Installation can end up leading to costly damages related […]

Solar Panels & Homeowners Insurance

Ensuring your policyholders are protected for going green. Did you know the United States surpassed 2 million solar installations in 2019? Solar energy is more affordable, accessible, and prevalent than […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month

The month of September is Life Insurance Awareness month each year. Yes, an exciting thought as it immediately reminds each person that someday everyone dies. Sometimes we don’t seem to […]